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Literal Videos

Many thanks to Andy Stanford-Clark for getting me searching YouTube for ‘literal music videos’. Some of them are brilliant, and your appreciation for each one probably depends on your generation… Here’s the best I’ve seen so far. Bonnie Tyler tells it like it is. Update 2012: you can now find it here . Here’s Penny Lane, for even older readers…


AeropressOK, I admit it – I’m hooked. It was my friend Hap who first told me how he’d tried it and enjoyed it at a friend’s house, and then another friend gave me a sample and I decided I had to have this…

I’m talking, of course, about the Aeropress – a coffee-making device from those people at Aerobie who brought you the better Frisbee. This is a better cafetière. I’m pretty fussy about coffee and I think this makes perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Actually, it’s a sort of cross between a cafeterière (or French press) and an espresso maker, because it pushes the water through under pressure. The hot water only stays on the grounds for about 20 seconds, which I think is part of the key to its success.

I’ve long been a fan of my Nespresso machine, but I have to admit it’s been standing idle for the last couple of days since this arrived. The Aeropress has been on sale in the US for a while but it’s only fairly recently that you’ve been able to find it easily in the UK – I bought mine on amazon.co.uk for a small fraction of the price of the Nespresso machine.

A very fine bit of design, and definitely recommended.

You can see one in action here:

I use water from a not-quite-boiled kettle rather than doing the microwave thing, but this shows you how quick the process is. Oh, and the stirring is important.

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