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Birthday beat

Here’s a fun page – enter your birthday and you can find out the number one hit on the day you were born. It gives the UK, US and Australian charts.

This could almost be a kind of astrology – what does it say about me that I was born to Sandie Shaw’s Puppet on a string? Was I destined to seek out VC funding? (Actually, I was born in Kenya, rather a long way from any radio that would be playing the UK charts, but still…)

My brother became a doctor, no doubt inspired by Lily the Pink’s ‘medicinal compound’, about which he might have heard much in his first few days.

I found this thanks to a tweet from Martin Weller and retweeted it. A couple of my more senior friends responded that the nearest they could get was Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock, because the charts didn’t go back far enough. And I guess any kids born in the recent past won’t know what the charts were…

Relic Road Trip

St ThereseIf you don’t get to see the sights of Europe during your lifetime, don’t worry. If you’re really good, people may take you on holiday after you’re dead.

A casket containing part of the remains of St Therese of Lisieux is starting a month-long tour of Britain this week. Don’t miss the show! Apparently, this ex-nun is something spectacular – and a mere tour of old Blighty will be as nothing to her. Bits of her have even been sent into orbit, and other bits were also taken to Iraq in hope of averting the war.

So it obviously works well, then.

For more exciting nun news, visit St Therese’s web site.

Anyway, it reminds me of Blackadder:

Percy: Look: I have here a true relic.

Edmund: What is it?

Percy: A bone of the finger of our Lord. It cost me thirty-one pieces of silver.

Edmund: Good Lord: is it real?

Percy: It is, my lord. You stand amazed, Baldrick.

Baldrick: I am. I thought they only came in boxes of ten. I could have let you have one for a couple of groats. Fingers are very big at the moment.

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