Birthday beat

Here’s a fun page – enter your birthday and you can find out the number one hit on the day you were born. It gives the UK, US and Australian charts.

This could almost be a kind of astrology – what does it say about me that I was born to Sandie Shaw’s Puppet on a string? Was I destined to seek out VC funding? (Actually, I was born in Kenya, rather a long way from any radio that would be playing the UK charts, but still…)

My brother became a doctor, no doubt inspired by Lily the Pink’s ‘medicinal compound’, about which he might have heard much in his first few days.

I found this thanks to a tweet from Martin Weller and retweeted it. A couple of my more senior friends responded that the nearest they could get was Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock, because the charts didn’t go back far enough. And I guess any kids born in the recent past won’t know what the charts were…

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I told my wife about this. She ventured that that nice young Mr Tallis was probably pretty popular on the day of my birth. You can go off people.

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