Birthday Bubbles

I spent Friday and Saturday diving on the Great Barrier Reef. The timing was simply based around flight schedules, but by a happy coincidence, Friday was also my 40th birthday. If you need to spend such an occasion on the far side of the world from most of your loved ones, it’s hard to find a better place to do it!

I rented a little camera mounted in an underwater enclosure, and took lots of photos. But I found it was capable of taking short movie clips as well…




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Quentin what awesome footage! That is beautiful. I went diving for the first time out there on the GBR. I really have wanted to go back ever since i started diving more seriously. It looks gorgeous. To see a shark and a tortoise on the same dive/dives is really lucky (or at least seems so to me, but then, hey, i’m not diving on the GBR).

Hi Mathew –

Yes – we were lucky, but it was a good spot. There are actually two different sharks here. Both small white-tipped ones – only about 3 or 4 ft long in reality, but they look slightly ferocious in the video where you have no reference for the scale! They swam away as I approached.

We did see two turtles on this dive, though, or perhaps it was the same one twice. And another on another dive. Turtles are my favourite – I can watch them for ages…


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