New toy, happy bunny

Canon EOS 6DI got a new toy the other day. This is the Canon 6D, which is an interesting blend: it has a high-end full-frame sensor, but it also has a couple of features traditionally only found on less ‘serious’ cameras: wifi connectivity and GPS.

One of the first pictures I took with it was a self-portrait. I’m decadently reclining on the sofa with my laptop. What you can’t tell is that the laptop and the camera are connected by wifi, and I’m tapping the space-bar to take this photo.

Quentin Stafford-Fraser

Looking forward to getting to know it properly… but I’m very pleased with it so far.


Oh dear Geoff will be sick with envy as he has been drooling over this camera !

Would love to know how fast the GPS locks on and how it affects the battery life. Nearly bought one in NZ 🙂
Btw do you fancy taking it skiing in Jan?

Ah – I haven’t actually checked that – I just turned it on when I got it and it’s successfully tagged all my outdoor photos so far. (It can set the clock automatically, too, which is nice.)

I haven’t noticed much battery drain – after a morning’s shooting with a bit of wifi activity over coffee part-way through, there’s still plenty of charge left. You can get it actually to record a track log if wanted – I suspect that might use rather more.

Oooh. Skiing very tempting. I have a nice padded case that it’ll fit in… Then you can have a play too… 🙂

By then I will probably have one 🙂
You & Rose are most welcome to visit Les Gets. I leave on the 7th other friends arrive on the 19th (so pretty full house after then). So you & Rose are most welcome any time between the 7th and 19th, Sally will be with me between the 12th to the 22nd but obviously you & Rose are both welcome when Sally is around.

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