Healthy eating

Just checking some labels this morning.

  • Waitrose 'LOVElife' high-fibre farmhouse multiseed loaf. Calories per slice, before butter or any other toppings: 130.
  • Waitrose Generously Coated Dark Chocolate Ginger Biscuits. Calories per (substantial) biscuit: 122.

I rest my case.


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Too many carbs bad, sugar bad, salt bad. Sadly 🙁

Marketing: “Low in fat” = Reality: “High in sugar”
Marketing: “Low in sugar” = Reality: “High in fat”
This holds true for almost every product I have seen where the claims are boldly made.
Sugar and fat tastes nice for a reason.

Too true…

As Rose said when putting some food down in front of me once: “This is supposed to be good for you, so it’ll probably need some salt and pepper”

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