A taste of their own medicine…

This was a lovely story, featured on the BBC this morning. A Russian man, before signing a contract with his bank, altered the small print, signed it, and sent it back to them. They signed it, not noticing that they were then obliged to provide interest-free loans, no management charges, and would pay a substantial penalty if they wished to get out of the contract…

Fabulous idea.

I’ve done nothing as cunning as that, but often when I call some institution and get an automated voice saying “This call may be recorded…”, I say “Thank you!”, and click the record button…

That’ll show ’em.

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Hi Quentin, Just wanted to say "thank you" for your video on Gnucash. With a bit of help from Selenium and Python, I've imported all my transactions from my accounts. And the story about Mr Argarkov was really interesting, especially the part about bank's hypocrisy – I'm really curious how it turns out for him 😉 Enjoy the weekend, Marcin

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