A cool hidden feature in iOS 7 Mail

I’ve always wanted to run with the cool kids and be an Inbox-Zero kind of guy, but it never quite works. I’m more of an Inbox-Four-Digits kind of guy. I also have about half a dozen email accounts.

So I was quite pleased to discover some options in the iOS 7 Mail app which, though not really hidden, are perhaps not immediately obvious and yet might be useful for many people.

If you go to the list of Mailboxes and click the Edit button at the top, you’ll find, down at the bottom, a few new ‘smart folders’ you can enable by clicking their checkboxes.

My favourite is the ‘Unread’ one, which will show you your unread messages across all inboxes:


There are also ones for flagged messages, draft messages, messages with attachments, sent messages, and so forth: take your pick! If, say, you flag incoming messages which need your attention later, then the Flagged option creates a handy to-do list.

By default, each account’s inbox is also visible in this list, but I don’t really care too much about where messages came from – if I need to check a particular inbox I’m happy to dig down into its account, so I turn these off to keep things simple.

And lastly, you can of course rearrange the order in which the items are displayed, so I just drag my favourite ‘folders’ to the top, turn off the ones I don’t want, and things are nice and clean:


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