Daily Archives:January 20th, 2014

Light Trails

This very carefully-constructed artistic piece is entitled:
Going into the middle of the street to photograph the Christmas lights on the promenade and then having to jump out of the way of an approaching car while on a longer-than-expected exposure.


Snappy, eh? (Click for a larger version)

The Data Ratio

Here’s something it would be fascinating to know, but I can’t think of any way of coming up with even a wild estimate. Can you?

  • How much data does the average user create, themselves? (Documents, photos, emails, social network posts, etc)
  • How much data is generated about the average user? (Web logs, surveillance,marketing data, medical records, credit ratings, utility bills…)

and what’s the ratio of the two?

Or, more briefly, what’ s the ratio of data created by you, to data created about you?

Of data created intentionally and knowingly, to that created unknowingly as a side-effect of living in the modern connected world?

And does it vary significantly, in the developed world, by country, and by demographics…?

Any ideas? (Conspiracy theorists need not apply!)

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