Being responsive

I’m in the process of turning my previous, rather elderly, theme for this website into one that looks somewhat similar, but is now what is known in the jargon as ‘responsive’.

This means the layout will try to adjust in all sorts of terribly cunning ways to the size of your screen or window. In particular, it should make it a bit easier to peruse Status-Q on a mobile device. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.

Please bear with me if there are still some rough edges, though…

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I can see comments now, and indeed post them 😉

OK, now you have to work whatever magic is required to make the “Newer comments” link visible; also whatever records new comments in the sidebar. The latest comment on your “wget” article is actually on page 3 of the 120 comments, but I had to manipulate the URL to find it because it’s recorded as being on Page 1 >_<

Thanks Phil – I should employ you as a proof-reader 🙂

I think the sidebar widget must have been using some kind of cache, because as I started investigating it, the link updated to point at page 3. I’ll explore further…

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