Daily Archives:January 6th, 2016

Trumpington Meadows

Trumpington Meadows is a large new housing development on the southern edge of Cambridge. The houses are, well, modern houses. Perhaps a bit better than some. But the developers have done a nice job of gentle landscaping on the big field between the housing estate and Byron’s Pool. It’s become a favourite dog-walking area.


Last night, a combination of fog and sunset made it look particularly beautiful. One of those times when I kicked myself for not having a proper camera with me: these are iPhone shots.


And if you look carefully (or click for the larger version) you’ll see that this is actually a photo of the M11:


I’m not often grateful to housing developers, so I feel I should give them credit when it’s due!

The oil change of the future

My car’s going in to the garage for a service today. Oil? New tyres? Shock absorbers?


A software update.

I imagine the actual update will take a couple of minutes and a USB stick. But they’re keeping the car for about three days, presumably to test all of the things that it affects.

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