The oil change of the future

My car’s going in to the garage for a service today. Oil? New tyres? Shock absorbers?


A software update.

I imagine the actual update will take a couple of minutes and a USB stick. But they’re keeping the car for about three days, presumably to test all of the things that it affects.

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I forget where I heard the phrase “Hardware eventually fails. Software eventually works”. You can (hopefully) look forward to your vehicle improving with age. That is, unless it becomes a victim of winrot and the software goes rusty. I wonder if one day cars will be scrapped because the software is no longer maintained…maybe when the value of the software on the vehicle is greater than the value of the hardware…or am I just drifting into a fantasy world?


I can certainly imagine cars no longer passing their MOT because the software doesn’t meet current road safety standards.

Perhaps there’ll be an opportunity for a small company of highly-paid classic-car enthusiasts who still remember how to program in C…

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