Speedy boarding?

Elon Musk’s latest rocket concept – the ‘BFR’ – would take you anywhere in the world in under an hour, and most destinations in about 30 mins.

Oh, that’s plus, presumably, three hours for check-in, security and passport control. And another for baggage collection and immigration when you get there…

However, if he can fix that – i.e. sort out the airports too – then going to Mars should be easy in comparison…


Looks fun. What’s the turnaround like for the reusable vehicles? How many would they need to build to provide global coverage? What kind of acceleration will the passengers be subjected to on take-off and landing?

I might have missed it, but have they actually managed to reuse a launch vehicle yet?

Yes, I wondered about the G-forces too…

I don’t remember the details, but I have a feeling that about half of their launches are re-uses of past vehicles now, and getting better.

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