Look through the window!

Today’s very quick tip for improving your video calls.

This one’s pretty obvious, of course. You won’t need to be told this. But perhaps you’ll have a friend who does?

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I have an external monitor above the laptop so I put the video window spanning the two screens and then the camera is in the middle of the window I am looking at.
Placing the screen further away and using more zoom on the camera will also help

    Yes, indeed! One thing you can’t do with the built-in camera, sadly!

    There’s a picture of another of my setups at the bottom of this post. But that middle screen is quite small for any usable windows, so once I got a long-enough Arri arm to mount my camera above my 27″ iMac, I moved it there!



I’ve addressed this very point in these two videos… going to be taking this further this week.

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