Inuit Words for Snow

January 12th, 2006

Everyone talks about how the Eskimos have 100 different words for snow. Well, apparently, here they are.

Thanks to Dale for the link.

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4 Responses to “Inuit Words for Snow”

  1. Paul Says:

    “a small snowball, preserved in Lucite, that had been handled by Johnny Depp”


    (Here in LA, we have a hundred words for traffic. And in that case, when we talk about Johnny Depp, we mean it.)

  2. qsf Says:

    Yes, at first glance these can look genuine, and for all I know, most of them are, but there are some fun ones in there…

  3. Matt Doar Says:

    That’s a funny list. Someone should do one for words for rain for people who live near Cambridge 😉 There is also one explanation of the original urban legend here:


  4. Tim Green Says:

    Sorry, Q. It is a hoax. Try this for a real list of different words for snow:

    Still, I think they should keep the new word for Jonny Depp’s snow.

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