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Panther features

[Original Link] Mark Pilgrim has a pretty thorough list of the main user-interface changes in Panther.

You say you want a revolution…

All the major political parties here are concerned about the fact that fewer and fewer young people are involved or interested in politics. I think this is inevitable. As most political extremes collapse towards the centre, we may end up with more stable ways to govern the country, but it’s hardly the thing to excite young minds. Teenagers want protests to take part in, causes to fight for, rogues to be outraged at. They don’t want anything middle-of-the-road.

Who was it who said, “If you’re not a communist before you’re thirty, you haven’t got a heart. If you’re still a communist after you’re thirty, you haven’t got a brain.” ?

Trying to pull a fast one in the office

[Original Link] John Naughton on Microsoft Office 2003.

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