Daily Archives:June 6th, 2004

EasyJet humour

[Original Link] When you’ve been running a blog for a few years, one of the advantages is that if you don’t have anything particularly inspiring to say, you can point back to how interesting your life was a couple of years ago.

This is a perfectly respectable process, I think; most media indulge in it in some shape or form – replaying golden oldies, running “Where are they now?” articles, etc

But I wasn’t saying anything very interesting two years ago, either, so this post is about something I found amusing then. A friend of John Naughton’s made some notes on an EasyJet flight. John put them on his blog, and I pointed to them on mine. Perhaps my nostalgia is getting a little too vicarious!


Yesterday, my father (in England) called my father-in-law (in the US) to thank him for his part in keeping Britain free 60 years ago. I’m ashamed that it never occurred to me to do the same.

May those of us who are so ready to criticise what America has done since Vietnam never forget what it did beforehand.

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