Daily Archives:June 26th, 2004

Useful Mac hint of the day

One of my favourite Emacs keystrokes which made its way into bash and is now supported in most places in Mac OS X is Ctrl-T. It transposes the two letters around the cursor. This is one of my most common typos, and it’s very handy, if I accidentally type ‘tihs’, to put the cursor between the i and the h and press Ctrl-T.

What the well-dressed man is wearing

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It seems patently obvious to me that the most sensible place to carry a cellphone is on my belt. However, I have to admit that doing so is not likely to reinforce my reputation for sartorial elegance. I’m not enough of a geek to be impervious to the scoffing glances of others, but too much of a geek to wear a jacket on a regular basis that would cover the phone up. So I need to find an alternative before people start asking, “Is that a Bluetooth-enabled tri-band Nokia with embedded camera and hi-res colour screen in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”

I started to think about other ways I could carry my phone, and thought I had hit on a good solution. A New York company got there before me.

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