Apple goes into jewellery

iDo in white
For all you dedicated Apple fans who want all your accessories to match your veil, iPod and those white headphones on your wedding day, Apple has today announced the iDo wedding ring – the essential choice for any young person getting married in the coming months.

Also available in black, for those who like to Think Different, the iDo is carefully sculptured for maximum comfort.

iDo in black
“We’re seeing Apple styling becoming an important part of every aspect of people’s lives”, said an Apple spokesman. “Why should you give that up when you get married?”. All models can be engraved with a special message in Apple’s traditional Garamond font.

Apple has refused to confirm reports that, in an attempt to encourage more ‘switchers’ in the run up to Valentine’s Day, it will soon be introducing an entry-level engagement ring named the iWill.

Well, OK – I made all of that up. I’m actually just learning how to use the amazing Open Source 3D modelling package Blender. You can read about Blender’s history here. It’s quite an amazing package, especially since the Mac version of the application is only 12 MB! But nobody should expect to learn it overnight. If you thought Photoshop was complicated…

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You nearly had me then, bearing in mind the Nokia Imageware medallion. Check out the dime-sized LCD on this page too.

I like Blender. I’m also currently enjoying playing with Inkscape, an open source drawing program that uses SVG as its file format.

Having a “apple” ring would be nice, matching is very inportant now-a-days.

Funny blog! Hey how did you make those rings. I’m working on modelling a ring myself right now and am looking for the best way to do it. Yours look pretty realistic. Thanks.

I’m afraid I really can’t remember! I greatly enjoyed learning the basics of Blender but haven’t had a chance to use it again in the last 18 months 🙁

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