Daily Archives:September 15th, 2006

Quote for the day

“The opposite of play isn’t work. It’s depression.”

Brian Sutton-Smith, University of Pennsylvania


In a recent post I said that, “at $299, Aperture is a somewhat pricey but very nice piece of software”. Of course, it used to be somewhat more pricey – it was $499 when first released.

I’ve always assumed that there would be a lot of disgruntled early users out there when the price was dropped almost to half of what they had paid, but it turns out that Apple gave a $200 coupon to all registered users of the first, more expensive, version. What a nice company!

Now, I wonder what’s happening to Aperture in ten days’ time

Backup your iTunes Library

Ah, now this is a very nice new feature in iTunes 7.

There’s more information here.

I’ve noticed a bit more of a trend in this direction recently: for applications to incorporate backup options for their own data. I think it’s quite a good idea, because they often have a better idea of what needs backing up, how often, and in what way, than a more general “copy the files” backup. A couple of other packages I use which have two very different, but both very good, backup strategies built-in are the excellent accounting package MYOB and Apple’s Aperture.

So my photos, my accounts and my music now all have their own backups in addition to the general disk-cloning that I do from time to time with SuperDuper. Good for one’s peace of mind. I shall now go to bed and sleep soundly.

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