Daily Archives:September 24th, 2006

Skype video for Mac

Skype betaThere’s now a 2.0 beta version of Skype for the Mac, which includes video chat.

Almost everybody I know is on AIM, so for regular IM chatting I use iChat, with the occasional audio or video link to other Mac users. But Skype has always been better at getting through firewalls than iChat, and this could make it a better video solution, especially if the quality is as good as iChat.

Slipping through security

Manka Johnson has a few interesting thoughts on airport security. Like the fact that, while you aren’t allowed to take water on board, you are allowed to take KY jelly. Mmm.


Warning – geeky post

I often configure SSH so that I can log in from one machine to another without typing a password. Those who have done it, though, will know that this takes a few steps and it’s easy to make mistakes.

I wrote a little script to help, and found I used it rather often. So with due humility I offer sshput to the world in the hope that others might also find it useful.

Playing with the big boys

On Thursday, the Bush administration committed $3bn to projects tackling climate change issues. The following day, Richard Branson did the same.

Neither of these gestures is exactly philanthropic in nature; both Sir Richard and the United States of America need to find alternative fuels, and realise that heavy investing in this area probably makes long-term economic sense. But, as someone who can’t even afford a Prius, I can’t help thinking that it must be nice to wake up and think, “America’s doing this. Maybe I’ll do the same thing.”

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