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This is a great idea… readers in England please help out…

Postcodes are very handy things, for a whole variety of reasons. The databases which map them onto geographical coordinates are expensive, though – no use for those trying to put together something as a hobby or on a limited budget. Been there, done that.

So this site is trying to build the database as a community project, and they’re doing rather well. Give them a hand – it won’t take a minute. You just find a place a place you know on the map, click on it and enter the postcode – that’s it.

Of course, in this country, map data is even more expensive than postcode data, so they’re using out-of-copyright maps from the 1940s, which adds a certain charm…

Thanks to Tom Coates for the link

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People might also like to check out , a campaign to liberate the official postcode database and other data gathered at public expense. Write your MP about it!

It is weird looking at north Cambridge, wondering where the by-pass is.

Fortunately I live in a place built before the 1940s so it’s still there.

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