I’ve moved Status-Q to a new version of WordPress on a new server. Please let me know if you notice any hiccups…

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Only that bloglines coughed up old posts as new ones…

Google reader handled the changeover smoothly. Remember to install both Askimet and Spam karma.

Seems much faster than the old Status-Q too…

Yes, it felt snappier to me, too. This is a new version of WordPress running on a newer version of PHP and a newer MySQL, so things should be improved. For those of us in the UK, however, the main difference may be that this server is in Gloucester while the old one was in Texas!

Geoff, yes, Akismet went on immediately – I see it’s shipped as part of the distribution now. I’m trying WP Hashcash as an alternative to the old captcha system – it’ll be interesting to see how that works. It means that only Javascript-enabled browsers can post, which is a nuisance for some, but probably less of a nuisance overall than the captcha images…

Hmmm…definitely faster. Is there some place we can see what HTML tags are acceptable? My most recent comment looks most peculiar now that one of my favourite tags (“del” because not enough people know what “^W” means these days 😉 has been stripped out. OTOH a “preview” option would be nice.

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