Marketing speak

“Brevity”, said Polonius, “is the soul of wit”, and I fear this needs more emphasis in our schools, particularly amongst those destined, in later life, to compose marketing materials.

A screen in a hospital waiting room shows a succession of slides about the services on offer; one begins:

BreastHealth UK

The concept of BreastHealth UK is to help women organise and manage their breast health.

A certain superfluity, perchance?

Besides, it seems unlikely to me that any of the fairer sex start their Monday mornings thinking, “This week I intend to organise and manage my breast health”.

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Here, here. In the Cambridge Computer Lab Ring we are currently doing the scoring for the annual Hall of Fame awards. This year we have introduced a score for clarity of language, ranging from 5 (unambiguous, concise, appropriate for its audience) to 0 (lengthy, meaningless drivel).

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