The CUI (Coney User Interface)

If you’re like most normal people, you’ve probably never heard of ‘digital signage’. My family, certainly, looked at me in a puzzled but caring way when I first told them that was what I was doing. Digital signage, in general, is the name for systems that drive those big, expensive, boring displays in airports that tell you that your flight is delayed by an hour and a half. And part of the reason we started Camvine is because we believed that a system for distributing dynamic, glowing pictures to dozens of screens didn’t have to be big, complex, boring and expensive… it could be small, easy, fun and affordable.

Perhaps this is why, as we started to develop an API which would allow our CODA system to integrate with other things, we didn’t immediately focus on controlling it through a strategic leveraging of your enterprise-wide SAP installation. Instead we focused on bunny rabbits.

So here is our new experimental user interface for controlling your digital signage system. It reminds me a bit of Monty Python.

TIM: There!
ARTHUR: What, behind the rabbit?
TIM: It is the rabbit.

You can read more about it on Michael’s blog and on the Camvine site.

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