The sound of (two-wheeled) silence

Zero S bikeI enjoy riding motorbikes, though I seldom do so these days. But I know, in any case, I’ll never be a true biker because I’ve always felt a bit embarrassed about the sheer noise that’s often involved in having fun on two wheels. Bike engines are, by their nature, more exposed than car engines, but bike exhaust systems have also never really embraced the concept of a ‘silencer’. Their chief aim seems to be the conversion of waste combustion gases into testosterone.

The only bikes I’ve owned have had engines more akin to those of lawn mowers than cars, so this hasn’t been much of an issue. But, for me at least, the near-silent operation is one of the things that makes the Zero S electric bike even more appealing.

It takes four hours to charge, and has a 60-mile range. It’s probably much easier to get it close to a power socket than would be the case with an all-electric car, too.

Now there’s only one other issue to conquer: the terrifying thought of what I’d look like in full leathers…

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No need for leathers. Get yourself some fancy textile gear like me:

I recommend the Hi-Viz yellow. If you’re going to have a high tech bike you should be wearing high tech gear after all.

Sounds quite dangerous for pedestrian´s, perhaps it could incorporate an amp and loudspeaker so the rider could choose how to announce their presence 🙂

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