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Death from the skies

Odds of dying by asteroid impact: 1 in 700,000
The overall risk of dying from an impact in your lifetime is 1 in 700,000
Somewhat less than being killed by a fireworks accident
But still more probable than being killed on an amusement park ride
Or by an act of terrorism

Lyrics from George Hrab’s fun track “Death from the skies”.

Don’t park your bike or chariot here

Spotted this wonderfully-Cambridge sign yesterday:

I’ve never studied Latin, but I think I can make out enough; it says something like ‘Two wheels, that have been left here, will be destroyed’.

Can anyone translate the Greek? I presume it says much the same.

Actually, the first dictionary I looked at listed perimo as ‘to slay, destroy‘, and I rather like the idea that Cambridge streets are kept in order by The Slayer of Bicycles…

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