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The Englishman Abroad

Complete with fashionable headgear, knobbly knees, trusty hound, and Brompton (on kind loan from John)

Even mad dogs and Englishmen have been choosing early evening for cycling excursions here: it’s been very hot over the last few days. Light showers have made for a more autumnal climate today, though, which makes a nice change.

You’ll notice that, despite this being prime Tour-de-France country only a few miles from the Col de Tourmalet, my parents and I have somehow managed to cycle in the one flat valley in the area.

That’s just for our warm-up training, of course…

Thought for the day

A good holiday is when you can't remember whether it's Sunday or Monday.


The evening commute home

The harbour, Getaria, Spain.

Sunset over the Pyrenees

The Alternative

From the UK
To Santander
Without involving
Ryan Air

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