Don’t look a gift job in the mouth

There’s a wonderful-sounding position offered on one of the University mailing lists:

Equine Ambulatory Veterinarian (Maternity Cover)

I expect they’re looking for someone who specialises in a horse’s gait. Or someone who rides around in a horse ambulance?

But perhaps not. It’s much more satisfying to think that the University of Cambridge has always traditionally employed a walking midwife for horses, perhaps one of a small team of pedestrian veterinary specialists, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to apply for one of these exclusive posts.


Sounds like a job you could just walk in to. Definitely not one where you should horse around. It might not be as exciting as one might think – day-to-day it’s probably rather pedestrian.

(It reminds me of the famous Edinburgh ‘Equine Nutrition’ course on Coursera, which gets called a MOOC but really ought to be called something like a Networked Education Interactive Group-driven Higher-level Course.)

I smiled at the wording too. Whoever gets the post will get to visit horses at home rather than being stuck in the hospital. #outandabout job.

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