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Once more unto the beach

Holkham Beach in Norfolk is an amazing place. It’s just vast.

Yesterday, the car park was packed, and the path from it to the beach a queue of people and dogs, yet when we got there and walked for just a few minutes, it looked like this:


A few more, and it looked like this:


(Yes, that’s Tilly – you can click for a bigger version.)

Looking away from the sea, you get this:


And I’m fond of that, admittedly less exciting, view, because it features in the memorable closing sequence of my favourite movie.

Tilly absolutely adored it, and seemed to keep running, flat out, for about an hour and a half.





All in all, a most enjoyable stroll.


A little bit over-qualified for the job?

We’re always amused by impressive-sounding descriptions which include sufficient qualifications to be almost meaningless. Rose just sent me this one:

“Lavenham is perhaps one of England’s finest preserved medieval weaving villages”

Almost every word, after the first two, is a restriction. Let’s read them backwards:

  • We’re looking at villages here, not cities, towns or hamlets.

  • They need to be primarily associated with weaving.

  • Medieval weaving, that is. Or perhaps medieval villages. In any case, other periods need not apply.

  • Their character has been preserved.

  • Rather well preserved, in fact.

  • Only English ones, mind you. None of your Belgian weavers, for the moment.

  • There may be more than one village meeting all of the above.

  • Lavenham may be one of them.

  • Perhaps.

Well, I think we can agree on that.

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