World meeting planner

Here’s a site which does a simple job but does it rather nicely:

World meeting planner
World Meeting Planner

It helps you work out the best time for phone calls or videoconferences which span multiple timezones. You just enter the location of the participants. It’s not too hard to do this in your head for a simple phone call, but when you get more participants and you don’t know the timezone of some of the countries, it can be more challenging!

Thanks to Mike Pearson for the link. He’s in New Zealand.

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See also which has the meeting planning function you describe and also allows you to set up a customised panel of cities showing the current time. Useful DURIING the conference call.

Just following up as I didn’t hear back from you, sorry to email you again. I noticed your page links to Unfortunately, that site isn’t very accessible for the sight impaired. Would you consider adding a link to a more accessible version like which is WCAG 2.0 compatible? Also, if you ever want to see how accessible a page is, I recommend It is really helpful. Thanks, Lily

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