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Holkham Beach, Norfolk


Internet of comfort

I’ve discovered a genuine use for “Internet of Things” devices.

If you happened to twist your back in a funny way yesterday (as I did) with the result that you are now propped up in bed and rather immobile, it’s very handy to be able to turn on and off the music, adjust the heating and switch on the lights from your phone!

Normally, it’s much easier just to go and press the button on the wall, but not when doing so involves increased consumption of painkillers well in advance. 🙂

No translation needed

OK – it’s not often I’d post an advertisement here. But then it’s not often I’d voluntarily watch one twice in a row, either 🙂

Electric misinformation


We stopped at the rapid chargers at the multi-storey car park in King’s Lynn yesterday.

As I was getting out of the car, I heard a passer-by tell his son, “Yes, but they have to wait 20 hours for them to charge up.”

Tilly and I set off on our stroll, and we met them on the pavement.

“So how long does the charging take, mate?” I explained that it depended on various things. I expected to be there for 20 minutes, but it could sometimes take as long as 45 mins if you needed a lot of charge.

“So what’s all the fuss about, then? I saw that thing on Top Gear…”

Plus ça change…

My brother sent me a nice picture of my niece and nephew yesterday, with the title, “All that really changes is the technology.”

Same old same old

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