Daily Archives:December 9th, 2015

The people who walked in darkness


I seem to be doing a lot of this at present. This was sunset over Fenstanton as I was setting out for the Sunday afternoon dog-walk. These days I regularly find myself in a pitch-black wood looking for a pitch-black dog, but it’s usually a wood I know well. This, on the other hand, became a longish walk in a pitch-black wood that I’d never visited before.

Seemed quite nice, though. Must go back in daylight sometime and see what it actually looks like.

Giving in to peer pressure?

Today I was composing a tweet. I hit the 140-character limit and started that editing process with which we’ve all become familiar. You know, where you gradually omit and abbreviate words, one by one, while still hoping to convey the spirit of the original meaning…

And then I thought, “Why bother?”, and just posted to Facebook instead.

I never thought it would come to this. I really dislike so much about Facebook. But it’s a place for discussion, where Twitter, though it occasionally carries occasional useful bits of news, is more a place for sporadic broadcasts and emotional outbursts.

I’ve been tweeting for nearly 8 years, but overall it seems less and less useful to me, and I wonder if I’ll still bother by the end of 2016. We’ll see…

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