Towing with a Tesla?

Not many EVs currently have the option of a towbar, but I carefully purchased one that did… just in case I ever needed it.

Last month, I tried it out for the first time, with mixed success. If you’re interested, here I am rambling on about it!

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I used to use a towbar for my Ford F150, never used it for an electric car, even though my wife is driving a Tesla X. Could it be used with the Model X?

    Yes, I’m sure, though with the Model 3, at least, the towbar is something you have to specify at build time; it can’t be added afterwards. On the model Y, I think, it can… not sure about the X.

      Can a Tesla 3 pull a caravan? What is the range of your Tesla 3 when towing?

      Yes, it could pull a caravan, if it wasn’t too heavy. The Model 3 is rated to tow up to a tonne, I think, and the Model Y a bit higher.

      As for range, well, see the video! It depends a great deal on the aerodynamics of what you’re towing. As a rough estimate, I would say towing anything big roughly halves the range, but since it has a pretty impressive range to start with, that still only means you have to stop for a charge about every 2.5-3 hours. I wouldn’t want uninterrupted driving for that long anyway 🙂

      No, as I say in the video, I think the key issue for towing with an EV is more about finding charging points you can drive through without unhitching than about whether you can do it at all.

      I’ve just found this site, which might be of interest:

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