Mafia at work?

Yesterday I jokingly asked Michelle, who does the company accounts, whether I had been paid this month, because my bank account seemed rather lower than I thought it should be. She laughed and said that I had. I went away mildly concerned about my profligacy.

This morning I opened my bank statement and discovered that it was substantially lower than it should be, because there were 16 fraudulent cash withdrawals in the last two and a half weeks, starting in Milan and Rome, but then moving to the US. Over £2500 gone altogether. Ouch.

The banks will fix this with relatively little incovenience on my part, I think. But since I carefully avoid having, or using, too many cards it means I now need to dig out another card which I haven’t used for some time and hope I can remember its PIN number. And perhaps such an unexpected burst of activity will look fraud on that card too!

Anyway, the moral of the story is that it pays to check your statements carefully!

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