Daily Archives:March 13th, 2007

Springtime continued

My commute to work is a short walk, past hedgerows like this. I’m a lucky guy.


I spy with my little wifi…

Got interference on your wifi? This looks like a cool toy:

Call me

Quote of the day comes from Stephen Uhler of Sun, who, in his talk at eTel, said:

Cellphones have reduced peoples’ expectation of the phone system to the point where VoIP is now viable.

He’s quite right – it wasn’t that long ago that you would have been very surprised, upset even, if a phone call were just to hang up unexpectedly…

Now, as a friend and I once discussed, there’s a problem. We need a new social convention. When the line drops, who should re-initiate the call? The person who made the call in the first place? The person with the cheapest outgoing charges?

We decided that it was probably the person who was on the move, assuming at least one party was mobile. Because they’re the ones who will know when they’re back in a good coverage area.

Of course, we also realised that in an ideal world the service provider, or the phone, would do this for you.

“Press 1 to have the call reconnect automatically when possible…”

Lonely as a cloud?

Ha! John and I managed simultaneously to post pictures of daffodils yesterday. But if you’d been walking around Cambridge with a camera, you would have done so too, I promise!

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