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Extremes of colour everywhere…

Leaves and daffodils

Make some space on your lap

Hard disk space can be a problem for those of us who depend on laptops for our day-to-day life. It’s now easy and relatively cheap to install a terabyte in a desktop machine, but my Macbook Pro has a 100G disk and I seldom have more than about 2G free. I only achieve that by shuffling stuff onto a portable Firewire drive. And now I have a camera that shoots RAW images I’ll need to reorganise things again!

Slowly, however, the capacities of laptop drives are increasing. Hitachi now have a 200GB drive and people have successfully installed it in a MBP.

But I can’t help feeling that I’m going to have to start basing my life on desktop machines soon and use my laptop as a cache of the bits I need to be portable…

The Canon’s Mouth

A new toy. Photographed using an old toy. It’s been great having the little Ixus 750 on my belt all the time, but I love having a ‘real’ camera again.

Canon 30D

Mind you, don’t you think 30D sounds a bit like the size of a lady’s undergarment?

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