Daily Archives:March 11th, 2007

A timely reminder

Most of North America switches to Daylight Savings Time today. They’re extending the period this year, so it starts earlier than usual. (You can search Status-Q for ‘EDST’ for more info.)

British Summer Time doesn’t begin for another two weeks, so for the next fortnight London & San Francisco are 7 hours apart instead of 8, for example.

Burrowing through Status-Q

Back in June I mentioned that I’d installed my variation on the ‘Related Entries‘ plugin for WordPress. Newer readers may have missed this, so I thought I’d mention it again – it’s really quite good.

As well as being on the front page, each Status-Q post has a page of its own in the archive. You can get to it by clicking on the post’s title. After the text, you’ll see a list of possibly-related previous posts. It’s remarkably good at finding relevant ones, so you can browse through the archives by following a chain of topics, should you be so inclined…

Have a look at the bottom of this recent post if you’d like an example.


If you find yourself in an airport departure lounge and want to confirm that you’re in the right place for your intended destination, sometimes you can just check out the other passengers.


Good. Yup. San Francisco.

Anyone tried those shoes, by the way? I see more and more people wearing them, at least on the other side of the Atlantic. But even I, notoriously oblivious to my appearance, would have to be convinced they were very comfortable before turning myself into a kind of high-tech hobbit…

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