Travelling right

Just back from an exhausting whirlwind tour of the States. Meetings all over the place, many at short notice.

London – Atlanta – Seattle – San Francisco – Portland – Seattle – L.A. – Cincinatti – London
in one week. Admittedly, my knowledge of Cincinatti only covers gates B10-B23, but it was still a lot to squeeze in. We were lugging heavy demo kit around with us as well.

Quite apart from the exertion, I don’t like travelling that way. Some of those cities I know well, but for others this was my first visit, and it seems somehow disrespectful to be in Atlanta, with all its history, or Portland, with its mountains and coastlines, and see nothing more than a conference center or airport hotel.

I’ll have to go back. In the meantime, it’s good to be home.

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