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Perhaps the main reason for Twitter’s success, beyond the ‘search for acknowledgement‘ mentioned yesterday, is the fact that it’s so controversial. Alternately derided as the biggest timewaster since Big Brother and fêted as the next big communications medium, it’s managed to get a lot of press. This posting being a case in point.

Does it demonstrate that our attention spans have now fallen so far that composing and reading even blog posts is too much like hard work? Or is it significant because the world-changing technology of SMS has finally found a way to be the channel for user-generated content?

Ewan Spence has mixed feelings about it after SXSW.

One thing I do know – their servers seem to be very heavily loaded at present. Painfully slow.


Hi Quentin –

I’ve been visiting here for a while because you seem to have literature/technology interests – as I do. I write about them over at – which might interest you too. I recently rolled this into Twitter with – check it out some time…


I’ve been doubtful about twitter, and have avoided it so far myself, but was very interested to see “twitter at home” discussed:

Mmm… interesting – thanks!

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