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Samsung USB monitor

It’s now official – Samsung has announced their 940UX monitor, which has DisplayLink‘s technology inside, so can be connected to the computer by USB. News of this leaked a few weeks ago, but, contrary to the reports that spread across the web, this model does also have VGA and DVI connections. Here’s DisplayLink’s press release.

If you already have a monitor, but want to connect it using USB, you can get the technology in adaptor form from IOGear – you can find it from around $73. Sunix are about to follow suit with their VGA2625.

Disclaimer: I’m no longer a director or employee of DisplayLink, but I am still a minor shareholder. And proud of it.

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Hi! finally a product 😉 – has it mac support? please say yes – then I’ll instantly gest some displays when they are available.


Hi Dom –

Sorry, no Mac support yet, I believe.

If anyone wants to provide me with sufficient funding, on the other hand… 🙂


Cool product, the toshiba dock is also neat. As USB based products are now shipping are network based products likely to follow soon? The hi-res, zero client from Digi looks like a good candidate but looks too expensive


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