Where to get most buzz for your money

There’s an interesting article in today’s Guardian about a recent study by Which? magazine:

“Costa cappuccinos deliver nearly five times as much caffeine as Starbucks ones”

Buyers of a Costa medium cappuccino get three shots of espresso and a table-topping 325mg of caffeine, which is around the same as four cups of tea, and way above the Starbucks equivalent containing just 66mg.

Now, most of the estimates I’ve seen for a cup of tea don’t get close to 80mg of caffeine, and I find it hard to imagine that your average cup of tea  contains more than a capuccino, even one of the paltry Starbucks variety.  

Still, assuming its other statistics are accurate, the article’s interesting for a variety of reasons.  A single espresso from Pret a Manger contains more than two cans of Red Bull, for example, but it’s still substantially less than that Costa cappo.

Your aim may be to increase or to reduce your caffeine consumption, but if you care either way, it’s surprisingly challenging to know what you’re actually getting!



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