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From the divine to the ridiculous?

I’m enjoying Remembrance of Things Past, but my expectation of completing the whole thing has been somewhat reduced by my calculating that it’s more than one-and-a-half times the length of the Bible.

Fortunately, Marcel Proust is a much better writer than God, but I fear that may not be sufficient…

Twaintieth Century

After a hundred years in a vault, Mark Twain’s autobiography is soon to be published. Memo to self: remember to achieve something significant enough in your life that anyone will be interested in reading about you a century later…

It sounds, though, as if the renewed interest in him may be a mixed blessing, which reminds me of a little poem I learned as a child:

Lives of Great Men all remind us
As we o’er their pages turn
That we too may leave behind us
Letters that we ought to burn.

© Copyright Quentin Stafford-Fraser