Mac hints for the day

Navigating the file system.

You may know that the icon in the title bar of a document or Finder window represents the file or folder itself. You can drag a document straight to the trash by dragging this icon, for example, or drop it on another app in your dock.
Dragging from the title bar

What I hadn’t realised was that another trick I’ve used in the Finder also works in document windows. Cmd-Click on the icon, and it shows you its position in the folder hierarchy.

You can select one of those folders and it will open in the finder for you. This is really handy if you’re working in a document and want a quick way to jump to something in the same directory.

A thing I sometimes miss when I’m working in the Finder is the ability quickly to create a new file of a particular type. In Windows you right-click and select “New>Word document” or similar. I don’t know why the Mac doesn’t do this, but one way to add it is using this handy Applescript in the Finder toolbar. (It was written by someone whose name I can’t find but who goes under the pseudonym of PCheese.)

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