I came across this acronym in a posting to a mailing list by Susan Kitchens. PBTKATC is a neat description of one of the problems which plague so many computer systems today, cause so much lost productivity, and to which, sadly, nobody in the technical community seems to have a good answer yet:

Problem between the Keyboard and the Chair

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The more traditional form is PEBKAC. Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. It’s easier to say too 😉

Quentin, glad you liked it. And yeah, Matthew’s prolly right about the proper coining of said acronym. Which I didn’t know. Remembering the meaning of the acronym is easier than solving the PEBKAC in the first place.

But then, how’s that pronounced? peb-kack? peeb-kack?

yeah, it’s pronounced peb-kack. It’s one of my favorite errors, right up there with error ID: 10t.

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