Daily Archives:May 16th, 2006

Joke for the day

Don’t remember where I saw this…

A very rich man dies and arrives at the pearly gates with a large heavy bag on his back. St Peter asks him, “What’s in the sack?”

The man replies “I’ve given most of my riches to the poor, and I thought I could just bring a small amount with me to heaven”.

Peter says, “Mmm. I’ll have to ask God if you’re allowed to bring this in.”

After a while, St Peter comes back and says it’s probably fine, but he has to check the bag. He opens it and discovers it’s full of gold bars.

“Oh!”, he says, “That’s OK. You’ve brought paving stones.”

Getting the big picture

I saw my first 100 Mpixel display today, on a visit to Calit2 at UCSD.


It’s 55 standard displays, with a bank of Linux machines to drive them. So the pixels are the same size as on your normal display, but you need to walk around to examine the whole image. Very cool.

Click the picture for a couple more images.

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