Daily Archives:May 24th, 2006

Win95 on the wing

Ever wondered why your bags take so long to come through the baggage claim at Heathrow? Well, now we know!

Windows on the carousel

I took this a couple of days ago while waiting for mine. The screen proudly announced that this carousel came with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Well, that’s good to know.

The Teenager Repellent

Now come on, this must be a joke, surely? A high-frequency sound, audible only to teenagers, which keeps them away? It’s an attractive idea…

Presumably it’s audible to anybody younger than that as well, so if you’re wondering why your baby is crying in the supermarket, or why your dog seems particularly restless outside, here’s another possible reason!

Anyway, the teenagers are apparently getting their own back.

I think they’re probably both hoaxes…

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