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Travel Time Maps

Car/Rail travel times from Cambridg
When I was playing with in-car systems at the AT&T Labs, we always wanted to do maps which were coloured according to the time it took you to get to a certain location, or distorted to show time rather than distance. We never got around to it, sadly. Fortunately, Chris Lightfoot and Tom Steinberg did.

They have all sorts of nice variations on the theme, too. The fact that much of it is based around Cambridge makes it particularly interesting for me.

Imagine a collaborative project where everybody is feeding their road speed into a central database and you can get this sort of data in real time, centred on your location, wherever you are. That would be a fun project for somebody…

And has anybody done this for the airlines, I wonder?

Thanks to John for the link.

Subversion screencast

Mike Zornek has produced a very nice screencast which introduces you to version control in general, and the Subversion system in particular.

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