Calling all dog owners! Wagipedia is live!

Wagipedia is now officially online! Find the best places to take your dog for a walk! Tell others about your favourite spots!

I created this because I realised, after getting a puppy, that the places I had gone for walks in the past weren’t necessarily the best places to take dogs, and that there were a whole range of really good dog-walks that I had never discovered.

The database is still small, but if you can contribute even a small entry – or ask your dog-owning friends to do so – I hope it could become a useful resource. After all, you may think that the park at the end of your road is nothing particularly special and that everybody knows about it anyway, but what about the person visiting your area for the first time? Or on holiday? Or dog-sitting for a friend?

You can also comment on existing entries.

Eventually, the site may expand to include all sorts of other canine-related resources, advice, discussion forums, etc, but I had to start somewhere. And, of course, most of these are also good spots for a stroll even if you don’t have a canine companion…

Feedback most welcome…

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Great idea! Is there some way to upload GPS tracks? Like many people, I can easily create tracks with a GPS unit or my phone, so it would be great if these could be uploaded for overlaying on the Google maps.

Yes, I’ve wondered about that – for the walk I did this morning I’ve put the track on EveryTrail and just linked to it in the description. I’ll have a look at the options for doing track overlays directly…

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