Bias lighting

I’d heard a bit about bias lighting recently so decided to try it. The basic idea is that, instead of your monitor being a bright square on a dark background, you put some lights behind it so that your eyes have a more consistent brightness level to deal with. I just found an old spotlight with a dimmer switch and stuck it behind my screen – not exactly the most sophisticated installation:

Bias lighting

But I have to say, I’m a convert. I haven’t done any scientific tests here, but my impression is that I can read my screen for much longer in the evenings with much less strain. The idea makes sense, after all, and I think it probably does work.

Here’s some discussion about the topic.

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My parents have always advocated watching TV with the lights on, and I continued this as computer screens took over my life. On the other hand, a projected image is improved by dimming the lights.

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